Televes DAT HD Olympic Special Offer

20.12% OFF The Televes DAT HD High Gain TV Aerial

Televes DAT HD Intelligent Ultra High Gain TV Aerial

For the whole month of May 2012 we will be offering 20.12 % Off the RRP of the Televes DAT HD Ultra High Gain TV Aerial. This is one of four such Olympic special offers for the month of May so check out the others for more great deals!

The Televes DAT HD High Gain TV Aerial is the ‘Daddy’ of all high gain TV Aerials! There is no other that comes close to the amplification/gain that this aerial has! The workmanship and superior quality of build make this an absolute favourite for anyone who is having difficulties getting a good Freeview signal. The Aerial is even a big seller on the continent especially Spain (where Televes is based)!

The standard selling price of our Televes DAT HD TV Aerial is £54.49, but for one month

only we will be reducing its price by a  crazy 20.12% to just £43.52!

There has never been a better time to upgrade your TV Aerial!!

So what makes the Televes DAT HD TV Aerial so good?

  • It has built in BOSS Technology: Balanced Output Signal System – this was designed and patented by Televes. It enables automatic signal adjustment to an optimum level regardless of how high or low and input signal is! No longer can you have a signal that is too high – the Televes BOSS technology will automatically adjust the signal strength to a perfect optimum amount for your received transmissions.
  • Inbuilt Masthead Amplifier – We all know that sometimes the signal just isn’t good enough even with a big high gain TV aerial. Therefore we install amplifiers to give it that extra little boost. The closer to the TV Aerial the better when it comes to amplifiers. Thats why Televes have built the masthead amplifier into the Televes DAT HD high gain TV aerial. To get the best possible signal to you the end user/installer.
  • Optional power supply – the DAT HD can work in two different modes depending upon whether it has a power supply attached or not. In passive mode the built in masthead amplifier does not operate (use this mode if your signal is ok with just the high gain aerial). In active mode the power supply activates the masthead, leading to a massive increase in signal levels received by the TV aerial.
  • HD – signals received from this TV Aerial are optimised not only for Freeview but for HD – High definition – where available.

The televes DAT HD will be on offer for the whole of May 2012 so grab yours ready for the Olympics in HD.

Click here to buy one today while stocks last!!

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