High Gain TV Aerial

High Gain TV Aerial – Fracarro Blu 420 Plus

High gain TV Aerial

A new addition to our range of high quality high gain TV Aerials is the brand new Fracarro Blu 420 Plus High Gain TV Aerial.

This high gain TV aerial is CAI benchmarked to standard 2. The CAI (Confederation Of Aerial Industries) are the recognised body for the aerial and satellite industry. The group is comprised of TV Aerial and satellite installers, manufacturers, broadcasters and other members. Their aim is to raise standards and improve the industry. CAI benchmarking is done on TV Aerials and Coaxial Cable. This is done so that manufacturers can certify that their equipment meets certain standards. The CAI will randomly asses and test equipment from these manufacturers once they have achieved a benchmark standard. Equipment benchmarking is done on a voluntary basis so don’t be put off if the TV aerial you are interested in isn’t benchmarked. It might just mean that the manufacturer hasn’t submitted the TV Aerial for benchmarking.

There are 4 CAI benchmark standards for TV Aerials at the moment, each used for different classes of TV Aerial:

CAI Benchmark Standard 1 -This standard means that the TV Aerial will provide adequate Freeview signals in areas that are on the edge of digital signal coverage.

CAI Benchmark Standard 2 -This is an intermediate standard bridging 1 and 3, meaning that the TV Aerial will be suitable for use throughout the TV signal coverage area.

CAI Benchmark Standard 3 -This standard provides a minimum for signal in primary coverage areas.

CAI Benchmark Standard 4 -This standard covers TV Aerials that are of a specific design to meet a specific need, such as an aerial needed with a very narrow beamwidth but high wideband performance.

All Fracarro TV Aerials and equipment now come with a 4 year warranty.

The fracarro Blu 420 Plus High Gain TV Aerial has an overall maximum gain of 15dB and a good front to back ratio of 28dB. Specific specifications are detailed below:

• Code 217858
• Elements No. 42
• Band UHF
• Channels E21–E69
• Bandwidth MHz 470-862
• Maximum gain dBi 15
• Front-to-back ratio dB 28
• Return loss dB -16
• Beamwidth (-3dB) ° +/-21
• Wind load at 120Km/h (720N/m2) Kg (N) 9.0 (88.29)
• Connector Type F
• Impedance Ohm 75
• Maximum mast Ø mm 60
• Dimensions (L x W) cm 119×50


• Unit weight Kg 1.72

• Horizontal polarisation Included
• Horizontal polarisation with tilt adj. Included
• Vertical polarisation Included
• Vertical polarisation with tilt adj. Included
• Auxiliary boom N/A

High Gain TV Aerial


If you would like to purchase the Fracarro Blu 420 Plus high gain TV Aerial please click HERE to visit our store today.

We have a wide range of high gain TV Aerials, satellite dishes and lots of other AV, CCTV and Solar PV equipment all at great prices.

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