Triax TV Aerial Digi 343 High Gain TV Aerial

Triax TV Aerial: Brand New Digi 343 High Gain TV Aerial

TV Aerial High Gain

TV Aerial Alert! Now in stock, the Triax Digi 343 High Gain TV Aerial.

This new Triple Boom High Gain TV Aerial from Triax has 43 elements for increased gain (amplification). This will be a typical TV Aerial installers choice for high quality and value for money.

High gain TV Aerials are suitable for areas of the country where signal reception is poor. If the picture breaks up on your TV set or freeview box or you are missing more than one channel, then you may well have poor TV Aerial reception.

To resolve poor TV Aerial reception there are several option available to you:

You can add an amplifier - either a masthead or setback amplifier. Masthead amplifiers are best as these will amplify your signal before it goes down the coaxial cable and not only looses more signal but increases noise. The only problem with amplifiers is that you can only amplify a weak signal not a bad signal. If you’re signal is good but just low then a TV aerial amplifier would be ok. If your signal is poor due to interference or other factors then an aerial amplifier will just amplify the bad signal and interference.

To improve the quality or strength of the signal you receive a TV Aerial upgrade may be required. Installing a high gain TV Aerial will guarantee to increase the amount of signal you receive.

The Triax Digi 343 high gain TV Aerial is designed to pull in more signal than most. With its triple boom array and 43 elements all directing the signal at its well built dipole, you can be sure of a good installation.

The Triax Digi 343 is CAI benchmarked at standard 2, certificate number CAI/AB 104.

Technical specs of the Aerial are below:

EAN-number 5702661089756
Technical specifications
Band Wideband
Frequency Range 470 – 862 MHz
Band UHF
Channels 21 – 69
Elements 43
Gain 15.5 dBi
Front To Back Ratio >27 dB
Beam Width Hor ±15 Degrees
Mechanical specifications
Windload 150 N
Connectors F connector
Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions lxwxh 1050 x 540 mm
Remarks F Connector

 TV Aerial

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