High Gain TV Aerial: Televes DAT HD

Televes DAT HD TV AerialOur Ultimate High Gain TV Aerial – The Televes Dat HD

High Gain TV Aerial Now on special offer at £39.99 until the end of March 2012

The first intelligent Ultra High Gain TV Aerial With BOSS (Balanced Output Signal System) Technology and automatic signal balance!

The Televes Dat HD High Gain TV Aerial is no ordinary TV Aerial, It is the TV Aerial of the future. No Other TV Aerial comes close to the level of signal this antenna can receive.

The Dat HD has a built in Pre-amplifier that can act as passive (no amplification) or active (amplification activated by using a 12v power supply). In normal operation without using a power supply the aerial has an inbuilt gain (amplification) of 17dB. By using the 12v power supply the amplification jumps to a maximum of 29dB. Considering that an increase of 3dB represents a doubling of the signal power, then an increase of 29 is no small feat. Most standard TV aerials have a gain of around 12dB so the Televes Dat HD Ultra High Gain TV Aerial can be seen as having a 600% increase compared with them.

Amplification is all well and good but too much amplification can have the same negative affect that weak signals give. Amplifying the signal too much will cause overloading of the amplifier unit and or overloading of the TVs Tuner unit. The Televes DAT HD High Gain TV Aerial overcomes this problem with the help of  its Advanced BOSS Tech Technology.

Televes’s own BossTech technology was designed solely for use with its own Dat HD TV aerial range. The technology will automatically adjust your TV Aerial signal to the optimum level. If your signal is too high for reasons such as being too close to a TV Transmitter, the Dat HD TV Aerial will reduce the level to an optimum degree for your receiving equipment.

If your signal is too low, due to reasons such as too far from a transmitter or shadows from surrounding buildings and landscape, the Televes Dat HD TV Aerial will automatically boost your signal upto a maximum of 29dB to give you a reliable TV Aerial signal for your receiving equipment.

The Televes DAT HD TV Aerial is a common TV aerial around Europe due to its high gain and automatic signal levelling.

High Gain TV AerialDuring the digital switchover, when analogue channels are switched off, lots more people will be able to receive freeview digital TV. After analogue signals are switched off, Digital Freeview TV signal power levels will be increased at the transmitters by approx 10x – this will give an approximate 10% increase in signal levels coming to your TV aerial. This means that people who currently have a poor or low Freeview TV signal should get a much better one after digital switchover, and people who currently have a good signal will get an even better signal once digital switchover has happened in their area.

This should be good news for everyone yeah?

No! for people who currently have either a very good signal or others who have a good signal provided through a masthead or other amplification unit things could go wrong. When digital TV Aerial signals are turned up the levels could now be too high meaning that some people will have signal breakup problems commonly associated with weak signals.

To avoid these such problems you can either install a high gain TV Aerial now and then take it down after switchover and replace it with a medium gain TV Aerial, add attenuators to your cables OR install the Televes DAT HD High Gain TV Aerial in the first place. After digital switchover happens and signal levels are raised, the inbuilt BOSS technology will alter the signal to the optimum level.

We currently have the Televes DAT HD Intelligent High Gain TV Aerial On Special Offer all this month. RRP:£59.99 reduced to only £39.99. This offer is only valid until the end of March so grab yours while they are at this super special price.

The optional 12volt power supply can be added to your order for just £10.99 for a limited time only..

If we can be of any help regarding choosing the correct TV Aerial for your installation don’t hesitate to contact us today. Either call the sales number at the top of the page or send us a message via the contact us link.


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