High Gain TV Aerials Stockists

High Gain TV Aerials

At Trade works we stock a great selection of High Gain TV Aerials such as  Element, Triax, Televes, Vision, we even stock Caravan and Boat high gain tv aerials.

Here is a brief run down on some of the different types of High Gain TV Aerials we stock;

Vision High Gain TV Aerials

Great manufacturer, much more robust than your standard high gain tv aerials.

They have solid elements and a 18mm boom for rigidity. The Vision high gain TV aerials also comes with a F connector for better connection. The come part pre-assembled and no tools are required for fast and simple erection.

To see the products we stock click here - Vision High Gain Aerials

Triax High Gain TV Aerials

These high gain TV Aerials are manufactured by Triax UK Ltd, they are extremely resistant to poor weather conditions.  They come in a variety of different specifications some of these are of exceptional quality and often can be the aerial of choice when it comes to people using a group transmitter. To read the individual specifications on each product go to - Triax High Gain TV Aerial 

Televes High Gain TV Aerials

TV, FM, DAB Freeview all combined in one.

The Televes  DigiNova high gain tv aerials are a result of experience acquired by the Televes, in manufacturing high quality high gain aerials.  This aerial was preceded by the NOVA aerial and is now the first of a new generation of aerials.

The high gain Diginova tv aerial offers superior performance and is easy to mount for the installer. Due to their modern appearance, the Diginova high gain tv aerials can be installed on any part of a building without having a big impact on the appearance thanks to its special design. The Diginova aerial is also fully waterproof and weatherproof.

To find out more about these aerials or other high gain tv aerials we stock go to; - Televes High Gain Aerial 

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2 Responses to High Gain TV Aerials Stockists

  1. Reece says:

    This article was really helpful in getting me the right TV Aerial thank you

    • Tradeworks says:

      Your are welcome! We pride ourselves on matching people to the right equipment. We would much rather give you the correct information than make a quick buck!

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