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An updated channel list for the Televes Zas HD Box is now available. This update fixes recent channel changes made by the BBC. Since the 3rd October. The BBC has shut down its services on transponder DSat3 and has also moved about a couple of other channels to make room for all of its ETV (Enhanced TV) channels to be located on DSat7.tp13. The FTA Freesat HD Satellite Reciver can be manually retuned or using our update this can be simplified. All the channels are preinstalled with the Freesat HD channel listings plus many more channles included at the end not curently available with Freesat HD

The channels that have been affected are:

• BBC News has been moved to DSat2/tp.47
• BBC Parliament has been moved to DSat5/tp.46
• BBC Alba has been moved to DSat6/tp.48

If you are missing any of these channles on your Televes Zas HD Box please download and install our updated channel list..

Click Here To Download The Updated Channel List

The only thing they will need to do is:

• Extract the file from the ZIP file that is in and put in a USB memory (chan.dat file)
• This file should be stored in the root of the USB memory (can’t be inside any folder)
• Start the ZASHD:

a. Go to main menu
b. Installation & Settings
c. Channel Search
d. Delete All Channels: YES
e. Connect USB memory to the BOX
f. Select in the same menu UPDATE Channels from USB: YES

The box will then re-start and everything will be working.

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