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Triax DDU

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Triax DDU - Domestic Distribution Unit

Ref: AMP09

Price: 85.53
(Incl. VAT @ 20%)


Stock Status: Plenty

Triax Domestic Distribution Unit DDU

Comes with Power supply unit

8 Way Domestic distribution for the home environment

The Triax Domestic Distribution Unit is designed for the distribution of any combination of SKY, SKY+, FM, DAB, UHF (freeview) and CCTV Signals to up to 8 different locations. It has the capability to be able to combine all these signals onto one feed designed to go to the main sky/Sky+/living room location. A return feed is then taken back to the unit for distribution around the house to up to 8 more locations, each of which can receive all of the above signals plus the picture from the sky box - which can be controlled at any location by use of additional Magic eye units.

This unit is unlike any other as it also has the capacity to feed another 2 of the locations with a satellite feed (down the same cable!) so you could install another sky/sky+ or freesat/freesat+/PVR to it, allowing up to 4 satellite/sky/freesat receivers, along with TV/UHF, CCTV, DAB and FM signal.

This is a marvellous little piece of kit

o DDU distributes UHF, FM,DAB, Sky/Sky+ and CCTV to the main TV
o Controls and distributes main Sky/Sky+ receiver to six additional locations, plus two outputs for additional Sky receivers
o Conforms to Sky Homes specification
o DDU Part No. 333112

Input Frequency Range MHz
BI/FM Input 47 to 108
BIII/DAB Input 174 to 230
UHF2 (CCTV) Input 470 to 862
UHF1 (TV) Input 470 to 862
SAT 1...4 (Satellite) Input 950 to 2300
Uplink Input 470 to 862
IR Link (R, TV 1...6) 5 to 30

Output Frequency Range MHz
Downlink Output 87.5 to 2300
Uplink Output IR, SAT II 5 to 30/950 to 2300
R/TV 1...6 87.5 to 862
BI/FM/DAB/BIII/UHF/Satellite Outputs (R/TV 7,8) 47 to 2300

Typical Gain dB
SAT 1...4, UHF 1, UHF 2 to Downlink 8
FM, DAB to Downlink 10
FM, DAB to R/TV 1...4 6
FM, DAB to R/TV 5...6 10
Uplink to R/TV 1...8 6
IR Link to Uplink/IR 1...4 2
IR Link to Uplink/IR 5...6 0

Supply / Line Power Requirements
Supply Voltage,V DC, (from External Power Supply) 12V/190mA
Digital Link Power Supply Outputs
(R/TV 1...6, Overload Protected)
9V DC @ 20mA
Power On LED (Green) Yes
DC Power Bypass, (for LNB) to SAT 1...4 Max. 300mA
Automatic Masthead Line Power Facility
(Via UHF 1, Overload Protected)
12V DC/50mA

Inputs / Outputs F Type(Female on all ports)
Power Supply Input Connector F Type Female

R.F. Screening Yes
Access to Chassis Earth Terminal Yes

Installation Instructions Available HERE...

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